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New Year…Who Dis?

https://youtu.be/XqxZldc-dSk The other day I remember seeing this CRAZY video on Facebook. A guy had recorded his ex-girlfriend destroying his car and breaking out the window to his house. The whole time I watched the video I was amazed at how calm the girl looked while doing it (she even waved to the camera at… Continue reading New Year…Who Dis?

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Maturity is the New Black: Keep Yo Heart 3 Stacks…

I remember how the ages of 21 and 22 were all about how many guys were texting me and asking me out and telling me how beautiful I was. Those were the ages when I built a lot of my self-confidence off of how many men desired me. Every since I can remember, my mom… Continue reading Maturity is the New Black: Keep Yo Heart 3 Stacks…

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Open House

You ever go to church and have one of those moments when the preacher is talking and then you look around like, "Who told Pastor my business?"I definitely had one of those moments yesterday. For the past week and a half or so, I've been struggling with letting go.Letting go of unhealthy or pointless relationships (some… Continue reading Open House