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8 Impossible Things

The other night I stumbled upon this article full of things that 99% of people are not capable of doing. Now granted, some of these things, I have seen done so they’re not all impossible. Being the person that I am, I decided that I would record myself attempting some of the things from the… Continue reading 8 Impossible Things

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8 African American Women Ahead of their Time: The Influence of Pop Culture on my Womanhood

"As I've gotten older and developed into this self-defined feminist that also stands in all of my blackness, I've realized how unwittingly influential the women I've watched on television have shaped my mindset about who I am and the power that I contain."

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Feel vs Field

I come from a big football family. I’m talking about everything from people who used to play professionally to my mom and my sister battling it out over their fantasy teams to me playing the role of a football girlfriend for 4 years while I dated a guy who was chasing his professional dreams. One… Continue reading Feel vs Field