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8 Impossible Things

The other night I stumbled upon this article full of things that 99% of people are not capable of doing.

Now granted, some of these things, I have seen done so they’re not all impossible.

Being the person that I am, I decided that I would record myself attempting some of the things from the list just for your entertainment.

Feel free to share your videos of you attempting some of these with me at shelbylanette@gmail.com and I just might feature you on another post. 😊

Here are 8 things that I decided to try out:

  1. Raise One Eyebrow at a Time: I quickly discovered that I could only actually raise my left eyebrow individually. The right eyebrow was a total fail. smh

2. Tickle Yourself: Listen. I’ve been creeped out by the “Tickle Me Elmo” doll since childhood so I have a strong aversion to tickling. You guys are going to have to let me know how this one turns out for you guys.

3. Lick Your Own Elbow: My only real takeaway from this attempt was, “Who the hell was sitting at home like ‘You know what I’m going to try to do today? Lick my own elbow.'” People are weird. Apparently I am too, since I’m trying it.

P.S. Ignore Ziggy (my cat) on the bed in the background

4. Multiple Tongue Tricks: Some of these were super easy but some of them were just…stupid. I’m still trying to figure out how she made a smiley face with her tongue. *insert shocked emoji*

Since this one was a little more difficult, I’ve included the original video below for you all to see:

↑ Seriously…WTF? ↑

5. Twitch Your Nose: Apparently this is meant to be like what is done on the show “Bewitched” which I’m convinced is next to impossible. I’ve never known anyone else to be capable of wiggling their nose.

6. Wiggle Your Ears: 2 words for this attempt: NO. GO.

7. Touch Your Nose or Chin with Your Tongue: This one a bit of a miss and a bit of a hit at the same time. All I’m going to say is, please keep any inappropriate comments to yourself. Thaaaanks. 🙂

8. Rotate Fingers in Opposite Directions: This one actually wasn’t on the original list that I found but it’s something my coworkers and I did one day at work and we realized it’s not something that everyone can do. Can you?

Are there any more things that only a small percentage of people can do that I missed out on? Was there something on the list that you discovered that you could or couldn’t do?

Don’t act like you didn’t try while you were watching the videos. *side eye*

Share your pics, videos, or stories with me and let me know what other content you guys would like to see from me!

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